What to Expect When Tattoo Needles Penetrate Your Skin – Before, During and After

A lot of people commonly wonder what they can expect when sitting for a tattoo and being inked with tattoo needles. The truest answer is that the experience can and does vary for everyone. That’s because we all have different skin types. For that matter, we all have different pain thresholds. Furthermore, there are different types of tattoo needles that are used for different types of tattoos that can cause a differing sensation when applied to the skin. Learn more about what you can expect when you get your first tattoo in this article.

What to Expect When Tattoo Needles Penetrate Your Skin – Before, During and After

Simply put: outlines typically hurt the most. That’s because the tattoo needles they are using are very precise and go rather deep into the skin to carve the outline. While they are not packing color in, typically most people say that the tattoo had some uncomfortable feeling during the outline process. Expect to feel minimal to moderate pain during this process depending upon the area.

Black and Grey
The easiest ink to sit through is black and grey or what is commonly called grey wash. This is because fewer tattoo needles are used when packing in grey and black, and that means less pain for most people. The heavier or lighter the hand is on your tattoo artist will also dictate what type of discomfort that you feel during your session.

Color Packing
Grip the side of the chair, grind your teeth and get ready: this one is going to be super ouch. Color packing typically hurts the most because the most tattoo needles are used in the gun and at a higher rate. This is to help the color pigments better inject into your skin pores so that the color actually takes by the skin. Colors are commonly rejected by the skin, too, and typically require a few touch-up sessions for completeness.

The Actual Process
The process of getting a tattoo can vary, depending upon where you go and what type of a tattoo that you get. The area will be disinfected first with a spray that your artist uses. Any excess hair will be shaved for skin smoothness. The artist will wear gloves and will dip his tattoo needles in ink and start injecting it into your skin while shading the pattern of your desired piece. After the process is completed, they will disinfect your skin and provide you with aftercare instructions.

The First Week of Healing
During the first of week of healing, avoid direct sunlight. Lather your tattoo in vitamin A and D ointment for the first three days at least three times per day. Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo. After the first three days, use an aloe lotion to keep your tattoo hydrated. During peeling and flaking, which will follow for seven more days, never rip or tear dead skin, just allow it to fall off naturally.


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