Name Tattoos : In Your Heart and On Your Skin

In this era when tattoo craze is on the peak every tattoo lover think about tattooing someone’s name on themselves. He can be special member of the family, the name of your pet, great friend or a lover, etc. It’s a great way to show that how much they mean to you and to show your affection and love to them.

Name tattoos may be very personal and confidential also. They mean a lot to both the person with the tattoo and the person named. When considering a tattoo design with name, consider one more thing that whether the named person will like it. Sometimes people are sensitive to this issue and they deserve a vote in it. Some people consider to get tattoo as a sign of beautiful memories with someone. Others may not look too kindly on dragging another name after the relationship has changed. Also, what about the nominee? What they would think? Who would be the next “special one” in your life & what would happen of “old” tattoo? All of these questions are good and worth giving a thought.

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Name Tattoos

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If you want to get a tattoo of any family member, once again, its your responsibility to give them the respect to ask them what they think. It’s a wonderful way to recognize the permanent meaning and relationships between family members specially. Think “Mom” on the arm sailors. Some people ink the whole family in some drawings like trees or hearts to show the unity of the family. Other way in which names are used in tattoos is remembrance. When someone special passes away, inking a tattoo of his/her name is a sign of great respect and love for the person who has passed away.

I hope this discussion has made you think the use of tattoo designs and name important to you, and the person named. I wish you good luck with your decision.


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