Top Reasons I’d Consider Buying the Penny Walker Shader by Charles Freeland


The Penny Walker Shader by Charles Freeland is one veritable tattoo machine, for sure. After taking a look during my online search for the ultimate tattoo machine, I must say that there are numerous aspects about this machine which I find to be ultimately impressive. The price aside, this machine has much to offer as far as construction, brand name, reputation, design, capability and much more. I shall try and break down all of the aspects I like about this machine in this review, so you can better understand why I would buy it over another machine for the price it’s being offered at.


Made by a Respected Company

Baltimore Street Irons (who makes this machine) is a very respected name in the tattooing business. In fact, this company probably has more celebrity artists that swear by this brand than most other lines of tattoo machines. That aside, the company is well known for making high quality machines with a permitting warranty and a quality of workmanship that is literally unsurpassed.


Awesome Vintage Look

I really loved the awesome vintage look of this machine. The signature blackened American Pennies that are imbedded upon the sides adds even more history and culture to its look. It takes me back the days of Sailor Jerry, when tattoos were mostly illegal in most cities and states. I find the rustic and distressed look to be a very attractive element.


Compact Design

You won’t be sacrificing much counter space at your tattoo parlor when you have this machine in stock. It’s very sleek and compact, and its design makes it easy to fit into tight areas in your shop, where many times space and organizational issues don’t leave much leeway for your tools.


Manageable Mid Stroke

Amongst numerous other reviews I’ve read about the Charles Freeland machine, it’s always touted for its manageable mid stroke. Artists are all about the speed at which their machine operates. This machine, seemingly, has a very manageable stroke that makes it ideal for shading and lining.


Powerful Machine

The hearty 47µF capacitor and super beefy 8 wrap BSI coiled machine that this is speaks for itself. It’s all about quality and power, and reliability these days. I strongly feel that this capacitor is amongst the finest, and the coil wrapping is unrivaled by competitors.


Celebrities Swear By It

Charles Freeland and Brian Fuente both use this machine daily, as do countless other celebrity tattoo artists. There’s something to that notion. Famous artists don’t really get paid to use certain gear. Rather, they use the gear that has helped them to become famous, recognized artists; which is telling of this machine.


Reasonable Price Tag

Of course, the price tag is rather reasonable, too. At $299 wholesale, it’s hard to find a machine that looks better, works better, has a better warranty, and one that is endorsed by celebrities. All things considered, the Penny Walker Shader by Charles Freeland is actually one steal of a deal that will net you a quality machine that you can enjoy using for many years to come.


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