Five Reasons to Consider Buying Starbrite Tattoo Ink

Starbrite deep-magenta ink

One of the more popular tattoo inks happens to be Starbrite Tattoo Ink. It’s popular for a number of reasons, and since the early 90s when it was first introduced, has become immensely popular for tattoo parlors. While one has a number of different inks that they can choose from when seeking an ideal pigment rich medium Starbrite Tattoo Ink stands above many others for ample reasons.


Tested for Purity

One reason behind the popularity of this tattoo ink brand is that it’s tested for purity. In the wake of an FDA crackdown that stemmed from many batches of tainted tattoo inks hitting the market, the most respected brands have striven to great lengths to ensure that they are safe to be used on human beings. With Starbrite Tattoo Ink, you get an assurance on quality and on purity.


Meets All FDA Standards

There are now several pages of FDA standards that have been released for tattoo ink brands. Many tattoo ink brands that fail to meet these standards are banned from sale in the United States. As previously stated, tainted inks from raw material suppliers have created a recent FDA crackdown frenzy in the interest of better health and safer tattoo parlors. Thankfully, Starbrite Tattoo Ink meets all FDA standards and is fully compliant.


Long Lasting Ink Disbursement

By comparison to many other types of ink brands, Starbrite Tattoo Ink is among the longest lasting. It has a wide and rich, thick ink disbursement that literally hangs around in the skin for a lot longer than many other brands without fading. Many famous tattoo artists swear by this brand as a direct result.


Vibrant Color Selection

Of course, you can expect enjoy vibrant and rich color selection with Starbrite Tattoo Ink. The company is well known for its original colors and rich textures. A few of the most popular colors they offer include:

  • Canary Yellow
  • Brite White
  • Tribal Black
  • Royal Blue
  • Lite Red
  • Grassy Green
  • Bubblegum Pink


Strong Company History

Since the early 90s, when the company was first incepted, Starbrite Tattoo Ink has been a mainstay premium brand in the most respected tattoo parlors around the world. Today, nearly 20 years later, it’s still considered the most premium brand for many different reasons, as highlighted above. The next time you are shopping for inks, consider ordering a few samples of this brand and trying it out for yourself.




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