Why More Artists Are Switching to the Elite Series Tattoo Machine Line of Products

The Elite Series tattoo machine is a premium tattoo machine that’s only available by a few select vendors. Over the years, it’s become a tried, true and sworn by staple of the most premier tattoo artists. What could possibly elevate any tattoo machine to such stature? Keep reading this article to better understand why more artists are ditching their old machines in favor of the capable and reliable Elite Series tattoo machine.


Design Inspired by Tattoo Artists

Unlike many other mass produced tattoo machines, this machine is actually inspired by real artists. Whereas some companies simply assume they know what artists desire when inking their clients, this company takes a different approach. It’s a machine that’s made by and for tattoo artists seeking to deliver only the most exceptional work.


The Scorpio Tattoo Machine

The Scorpio Tattoo Machine

Lining and Shading

Another plus about the Elite Series tattoo machine is that’s it’s a multifarious machine. You can use it for both lining and shading, which means that you never have to worry about or fret over using multiple machines again. Considering that with some machines you have to literally change over machines when rotating between shading and lining, this is a very desirable feature.


Works with Almost Any Needles

Most tattoo needles are compatible with this tattoo machine. There are, of course, always some minor exceptions to the rules. But for all extents and purposes, there’s a strong chance that the needles that you swear by are entirely compatible, which means you won’t have to get used to using new needles.


High Performance

The Elite Series tattoo machine was designed to be a high performance and high output machine. That means it only uses premium quality parts and a high grade design. It’s called a “workhorse” by many reviewers because it rarely breaks down on artists. The coil design ensures that you deliver fantastic work each and every time.


Quality Workmanship

It’s all about quality workmanship these days. With the Elite Series tattoo machine, you can rest assured that your money is being well spent. This machine is made by hand and uses high quality all metal parts. It also comes with an industry leading and ironclad warranty that offers you unrivaled peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your machine failing you with this quality piece of gear in your parlor. The lifetime warranty ensures that your machine is replaced if a factory defect comes to bear and causes mechanical failure.


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