Why the Ink You Choose is the Most Important Tattoo Equipment You Can Buy

Aside from the obvious tattooing staples – like your gun or the needles and tubing – one of the most important considerations for a tattoo artist should be the quality and the brand of the ink. Ink is, in essence, your most important of all tattoo equipment. That’s because the ink will determine how well your art is received by the skin, how vibrant it looks, and how long it lasts.
Richer Texture
Quality inks are widely regarded for their richer textures and thicker palettes. Premium ink brands also require fewer dips and passes when creating that piece. While you will certainly pay a few more bucks for good ink, never underestimate the benefit it has to offer.

Deeper Colors
The top brand tattoo ink will also yield to you richer, deeper colors. That’s because quality ink relies upon quality ingredients. This means that you will get more pigments that are richer and deeper than cheaper inks have to offer.

Less Rejection by the Skin
When you choose the best ink it also equates to fewer required touch-ups. Sure, everyone has different skin. But good ink actually penetrates and sets better because it has thicker pigments that stay in the skin better, which saves you time and money on touch-ups.

Longer Lasting
Lastly, when you use premium ink the tattoos will last longer before they fade. Quality ink has no substitution. When considering that it may be a bit higher in price, you really do get what you pay for. Always ensure that your most important piece of tattoo equipment is of the highest quality as possible to truly appease to your patrons.


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