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Tattoo culture has evolved in a lot many ways, like how people think about tattoos, in choice of designs and also in tattooing methods. I don’t think there has been ever a year when no. of people getting tattoos saw a dip. Tattoo lovers are increasing every year. This has obviously led to an increased no. of tattoo artists.

No doubt tattoo artists have increased a lot, but not all of them are good. Not all are dedicated. Not all contribute honestly to this art. Not every one of them deserves to be a tattoo artist. Because of such artists, the one who is getting a tattoo has to suffer. Some get good tattoos but some end up with bad ones.

Bad tattoo is not always the mistake of tattoo artists. Sometimes it happens because of unawareness of the people. Getting a tattoo is among one of the most important decisions of anyone’s life, a decision not to be taken for granted. Tattoo lovers need more guidance, more tips, more assistance, more awareness, because these is no place of mistakes in case of tattoos. There is no second chance.

When you are in the field of art and creativity, you are free of boundaries, free of limits. That is the reason, there is always a room for new things to happen. Field of tattooing is one of this kind. Everyday is a new day, with new people, with new tattoo ideas and that sometimes creates a situation which becomes memorable, for lifetime.

So, here is an opportunity for all the tattoo artists to share their experience with tattoo lovers. Share any tips with tattoo lovers, things which should be taken care of before and after getting tattoo. Share your valuable suggestions with people getting tattoos for the first time. Share your experience, either good or bad, related to tattooing. Share any memorable tattooing story. Share something rarely known, something barely known about tattoos or tattooing. Share anything worth sharing about tattoos. Share if you do care. Share and let your story spread everywhere.

Mail me your tips, story or any experience at with your name, years of experience and website of your studio. It will be posted here soon..!!

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