Tattoo Equipments You Can Expect to See During Your Tattoo Appointment

If you have never gotten a tattoo before and you are wondering what to expect with tattoo equipments during your appointment, there is some clarity that can be offered. Your tattoo artist will keep a very clean shop (or you should run at the sign of a dirty one), and there will be some common tattoo equipments that you will find on the inside of it. Know what to expect at your first tattoo appointment with this helpful guide on the varying equipment that most artists use.

Chair or Table

Some artists only offer a tattooing chair, but many are now increasingly beginning to add a massage table to their parlors. That’s because some people just like to lie flat when they are being tattooed. It can help the clients relax more and prevent lightheadedness. You will either see a table, chair or both during your appointment.


Gun and Needles, Tubing and More

The primary tool that your tattoo artist will use consists of a gun connected by tubing with a needle in the top and some electrical cords that go to the powerhouse of the gun. This is as common as it gets for tattoo shops. Some artists may use digital guns whereas others may use coil guns. Both types buzz and vibrate, but digital guns are a bit quieter than coil guns.

Inks and Ointments

Many artists will actually apply vitamin A and D ointment to your skin as they are tattooing you. This helps the blood clot and reduces bleeding while providing some lubrication and release to the inflamed skin that they are working on. The ink that is used can and does vary, but most artists these days swear by top shelf brands so they can deliver exceptional, lasting work for their clients. These are but a few of the many popular tattoo equipments that you will see during your first tattoo appointment. Good luck on your next masterpiece.


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