Key Reasons to Consider Using Blacklight Tattoo Ink for Your Next Piece

A popular and emerging trend in the tattooing industry is found with the usage of Blacklight Tattoo Ink. More people are getting inked using this ink every day due to its unique texture, its invisibility to the naked eye, and the way that it becomes beautifully illuminated under UV lights, commonly referred to as black lights. Could this type of signature ink be the right ink for your next tattoo project? Find out in the key points that follow.

Blacklight Tattoo Ink

Mix and Match Inks

One thing that many people are now doing is mixing and matching inks. By that we mean that they may already have a standard tattoo with colors and that sort of thing. They later go back and have some highlights added using Blacklight Tattoo Ink. The purpose of this is that under the black light, the tattoo now comes to life. Similarly, you could use this same process when getting your new tattoo inked as well.

Glows Under UV Light

Of course, the best part about Blacklight Tattoo Ink is that it literally glows under UV light. We are not talking about some faint glow, either. Rather, it leaps off the skin, catching the eye and resembling brilliant texture. Try looking up some pictures on Google, you will be rather impressed.

Invisible Tattoos

While tattoos are becoming increasingly accepted in the workplace, they also are still shunned by many employers. For persons who may have limitations on their workplace for tattoos, they can always opt for these normal light invisible tattoos and get away with still having some fun and unique artwork on their body.

Add Flare to Existing Tattoos

If you already have several tattoos, you can still consider using Blacklight Tattoo Ink. A lot of people are now adding these inks to their existing pieces to add some more flare. Since the ink is invisible under standard daylight, it’s not going to alter the piece. But under UV or florescent light that tattoo suddenly really comes to life.

Fun Change Up to the Norm

For all extents and purposes, it’s rather fun to think about Blacklight Tattoo Ink and its possibilities. Since for many years upon end the standard ink has been center stage, it’s interesting to see another type of tattoo ink come around that offers something a bit different than the status quo. Of course, only you can decide whether or not it’s suiting for your skin canvas.


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