Simple Sterilization Tips When Using Tattoo Ink Holders

Ink Holder


Your tattoo ink holders are an incremental aspect of you providing your clients with winning tattoos that they will fondly look at for a lifetime to come. But how you use them, and what sanitary methods that you have in place, can make or break you as a business and as an artist. Fortunately, there are some simple sterilization tips that can be offered to help you make the most of your tattoo ink holders safely.

 Leave Sealed Until Use

Your cups or holders should come prepackaged in individually sealed bags. If they do not, consider getting ones that do. It may cost a few more dollars per order; but it’s really money well spent by knowing that they are sealed and sanitary. Make sure you don’t unseal them until the time of their use for the best results.

 Combine with Witch Hazel Between Dips

A lot of tattoo artists like to use witch hazel in between dips of their tattoo ink holders. That’s because this element is inexpensive, it helps combat germs and pathogens, and it helps the blood better clot. Pour a small cup of witch hazel and then dip in it in between passes instead of washing your needle in water for the best results.

 Rub A & D On with Each New Pass

Another method of helping you use your tattoo ink holders properly is found with standardized A & D ointment. This ointment adds a soothing effect to the skin while you are tattooing. You can rub a bit on with your gloved finger to sooth the area and better protect the skin against rash and infection in between dips.

 Sanitize Counter Before and After

Make sure you are following the proper sanitization guidelines when you are providing tattoos. Ensure that you thoroughly disinfect the counter each time after a session. For extra measure and added safety, ensure that you sterilize the counter once more before you begin another session.

 Set on Paper Towel and Place with A & D

One final tip that can be offered is an age old trick for holding those slipper tattoo ink holders in place while you ink. Use the A & D ointment that you rub on the skin in between passes for its soothing effect and take a dab and place it on your counter. Use one dab for each ink cup, and the ink cup will be easily held in place. Place a paper towel down first for extra sanitization and to keep your counter clean from ink spills.


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