Does Getting UV Tattoo Ink Make Sense?

UV Tattoo

Image Source: Slodive

Do you know what UV tattoo ink is and if it makes sense for your next tattoo? We will dive into some basics about this popular new variation of tattoo ink and determine if it makes sense or not. Keep in mind that this article is not biased in any way, and should be used as information purposes only. The goal is educate you about the basics of UV tattoo ink, and help you arrive at your own decision.

 What is UV Tattoo Ink?

First things first… just what in the heck is this type of tattoo ink and why are people using it? Think of UV light and you will have your answer. This tattoo ink is ultra violet reflective, even after being injected into the upper layers of the skin. The ink refracts black light and even most types of florescent light, creating a noticeable glow when reflecting.

 Benefits of This Ink

There are a few benefits of this ink that you might realize if you desire to get it injected in your skin.

  • Can only be seen under black light;
  • Is great for creating unique, glowing tattoos;
  • Costs the same as normal tattoos do;
  • Is injected under a black light for an otherworldly experience.

Mixing and Matching

A rather newer and popular method of using this type of tattoo ink is found in mixing and matching. By that we mean that persons who have an existing tattoo consisting of normal tattoo ink are now adding UV tattoo ink highlights to their skin. These highlights add some signature flare to their tattoo when viewed under the proper lighting conditions.

The Invisible Tattoo

Some people favor this tattoo ink because it is invisible to the naked eye and can only be detected under black light. For people who work at jobs that are restricting or don’t wish for anyone to know they are tattooed, it’s an ideal solution that can enable many more people to enjoy tattoos.

Adding Touches to Existing Tattoos

For existing tattoos, or new ones, you can add some unique touches to them by using this ink. For example, say you have a dragon tattoo and you want the eyes to glow. Now you can enjoy real fiery eyes with UV tattoo ink. These are but just a few of the many benefits of using this newer ultra violet tattoo ink to your advantage on your next planned piece of skin artwork.


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