An Initiative by Tattoo Artist Kevin Paul: Tattoo Regulations 2013

Have you heard about One Direction singers getting tattoos? The artist who tattooed the One Direction members is none other than the famous Kevin Paul. Kevin Paul is one of the most reputed tattoo artists of the industry. Much of his work is inspired by the legendary tattoo artist Paul Booth. His struggle to become a tattoo artist is a well known story.

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Tattoos are in great demand these days. Considering the fact that people are becoming more and more crazy for tattoos, he has taken an initiative. Recently, a campaign has been started by Kevin Paul which will definitely create awareness among the tattoo lovers. Today, so many people are getting tattoos but not by skilled tattoo artists but the ones who use cheap tattoo supplies. These people end up with bad tattoos. Some also get infected by diseases like Hepatitis B, C, TB, etc because of unsterilized tattoo studios. For the reason, he has come forward so that the artists use quality tattooing equipments. He has come forward with his initiative to make tattooing safe for people.

If you ever had any bad tattoo experience unfortunately, you can share your story with him. Though this will definitely not change your tattoo, but it can at least make others get aware of the negative effects. Please visit his facebook page to get more information and for latest updates.


2 thoughts on “An Initiative by Tattoo Artist Kevin Paul: Tattoo Regulations 2013

  1. “Just to clarify to anyone who may be reading this article that this man is a fraud. He was expelled from school for tattooing his friends at 15 and continued to operate unlicensed and unregulated for many years after, he also continues to this day to tattoo away from his studio in unlicensed premises across the country even going as far as tattooing celebrity clients at their own home which is illegal and unhygienic increasing the risk of infection. He has also allowed himself to be tattooed illegally by his celebrity clients (who are obviously unlicensed) yet somehow he feels he should lead a crusade to make tattooing safer? I think not.”

  2. And if you check his twitter, Facebook and website you will find all the above to be true.
    I’m all for tattoo regulations being tightened up but will not see it spearheaded by a hypocrite.

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