Tattoo Machines – Minor Problems & Simple Solutions

Today I will discuss not about tattoos but tattoo machine. To be a good tattoo artist, the foremost requirement is that you got to be great at tattooing. But if we have a little knowledge about the working of our tattoo machine, it can be an added skill and is definitely going to help us in case the machine stops working. We just need to know a little bit about armature, power packs, grommet, tattoo coil and contact. Knowing a few things about their connections will do the needful.

Image Courtesy – Classical Creations

Two very important things to check when a machine stops working are the contacts and power pack. Contacts connect machine to power pack. These contacts get loose because of the vibration of tattoo machine. Tighten the contacts and then use the machine again. If machine still doesn’t work, clean the surface of contacts with paper or sandpaper. Now if this doesn’t help, check whether there is problem in power pack. Use a different tattoo machine with that power pack. If other machine also doesn’t work, your power pack is the problem.

Check These Parts

Let’s take a look on some other things because of which our machine stops working. Coil might be the problem. Sometimes the coil gets overused and needs a replacement. Always keep extra coils in stock to solve this problem. The thing that moves the needle up and down is armature bar. The armature bar may get jammed. To rearrange the armature bar, unscrew the contact screw on the top of the machine and place the armature and needles properly. Check and change the grommet on the armature if it is moving to prevent unnecessary movement.

I hope this helps. 🙂


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