Planning to get tattoo? First decide your tattoo artist..!!

You can find a reputable tattoo artist in many ways. It may be by word of mouth or you can take it upon yourself to do this work like inspection of the shop and portfolios.

People think that the busiest and the most famous artist is always the best, but this is not the case always. Would you apply the same rule to your barber technician, mechanic or nail? Of course not. So shop around and find the artist who is creative, reliable and clean.

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Just go outside and look for tattoo artists in your area. Visit their store. To get better idea, talk to them. Observer their tattooing process. Ask yourself if you like the area or did you have a good time? The place should be clean. Ask for their license.

Here’s your chance to interview an artist. Open up to him and share your thoughts. Tattoo artists are just like you. Do not be afraid to talk to them. Show your body to them and let them listen to your ideas. See where it goes. Explore colors and go to flash custom sketches or options. Otherwise, just leave the tattoo shop. This is not the artist for you.

Good tattoo artists never compromise with their tattooing equipments. They always trust the already trusted suppliers. Good artists always create a few sample designs first and test it. It’s going to be permanent on your body. Do not be in such a hurry. If you don’t like it, don’t hesitate to tell that. There is no place for permanent errors.

Once you have found the guy who should design your tattoo, it’s time to choose a date and get inked. A little money as a tip for your tattoo artist would be recommended. Your tattoo artist deserves. He works really hard.

You need not belong to a club culture to find a talented tattoo artist. You have to be someone who appreciates a creative, trustworthy and most importantly, clean tattoo.


2 thoughts on “Planning to get tattoo? First decide your tattoo artist..!!

  1. My sister & I are planning on getting a tattoo together, but we can’t decide on what to get. We want some sort of a quote, nothing too long though. So far what we plan on doing is “There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you”
    One of us will get the first sentence, and the other will get the last.

    Any other ideas though? Or maybe some nice designs that would look good around the quotes? The tattoos will be somewhere around our stomachs or hips. Most likely on the ribs.

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