Johnny Depp’s Tattoos Say A Lot

Johnny Depp is a very famous hollywood star as we all know that very well. He has been well received in so many movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and Pirates of the Caribbean and many more. All the characters he plays in movies are truly unique. It seems that he is the character itself. We can see that all kinds of personalities and characters suit him.

Johnny Depp is young, talented and dashing but other than this, fans are crazy about his tattoos decorating his body. Tattoos truly reflect his masculinity. he has at least fourteen tattoos on his body. For the media, he admits that tattoos he has are all significant. They exist for particular reasons. For example, the tattoo head of Cherokee Indian chief means his right bicep to commemorate his ancestor. As we know that his great-great grandmother was a Cherokee. Therefore, Johnny Depp pays tribute to his ancestral cultural heritage through the tattoo.

Above his tattoo Cherookee, you can see a tattoo ribbon. The tape contains a reading “Wino Forever”. It used to be “Winona Forever”. Since completing his love life with Winona, he removed the “na” leaving “drunk” instead. On the other part of his bicep is a tattoo of a heart with a ribbon in the middle of the heart showing the name of Betty Sue, his mother. This tattoo is commonly used as a reminder to the individual home or something he or she fights. Depp’s inverted triangle tattoo over his mother tattoo is to symbolize love affair with a woman. As a souvenir of a film entitled “The Brave”, he expresses Depp as tattoo with the same title on his right arm. His newest tattoo is done on his left arm. The tattoo is “silence, exile, cunning”, a sentence from a book “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”.

Johnny Depp has a tattoo on his finger. You’ll notice he has three small rectangle tattoo on his right index finger. Johnny called it as a permanent phone doodle. He has a tattoo ‘3 ‘on his left hand. For Young Flix Magazine in April 1996, he stated that the number represented a trinity of two people make another person.

His leg is also tattooed. The danger sign tattoo, skull and crossbones is on his lower right leg. Below the skull, a phrase “death is certain” is tattooed. Above the ankle of the right leg, Johnny Depp sports a ‘?’. It is estimated that nearly seven of his tattoos is made by a New York tattoo famous, Jonathan Shaw.


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