Time for a Gangnam Tattoo …. !!!!

Tattooing has now become a part of trend, fun and fashion. People are using tattoos related to celebrities. Artist are also using variety of tattoo ink to fulfill the demands of their customers. Crazy fan are getting tattoos related to their iconic celebrities. Many celebrities like actors, actresses, singers, sport stars, business tycoons etc. are among top list of tattoo lovers.

Park Jae-sang, also known by his stage name PSY, is a South Korean singer,songwriter,dancer. He gave a superb song named “gangnam style” with unique dancing style and people became a huge fan of him. PSY also became favorite among tattoo artist all over the world, and they also tried his gestures and stylish look in their tattooing work by using different tattoo needles.. “Gangnam Style” video released from Asia, but became popular all over the world, including USA. So, Americans also became fan, and used PSY’s tattoos. Tattoo artist use special tattoo equipment for these dancing tattoo designs.

Some stage performers have used “Gangnam Style” written on their arms as a specific tattoo devoted to the funny dance style of PSY.

Many people have used the name tattoo of “PSY” written on their arms, neck side etc. Also, some renowned artists have made a PSY’s dancing style tattoos on their fan’s body.

You tube has declared that, the “Gangnam Style” video recently became the most watched video, ever posted on their site. It reached up to 800 millions views on you tube. Eventually the tattoo artist have tried many tattoos on these gangnam Style dance, posture, and also names tattoo of PSY. Etc.


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