Go for a traditional Tattoo Art- The Henna Tattoos

HENNA- Henna is a powdered  form of the leaves of a  tropical shrub, which is used as a  dye to color the hair and decorate the body. Henna Tattoos have become popular among all, especially women. This is not a permanent one and stays only for  a month or so but still people are enticed to get the henna designs on their body.

The artists maintain their own catalog of Henna tattoos for women. Hence whenever planning for getting one, do take time to choose the best suitable design. Use only natural colored tattoo ink for henna designs.

Henna tattoos  for women are carved  as a mark of love  and happiness. Hindus, Jain,  Jews, Muslims and Christians use henna  tattoos for brides as well as  bridegrooms while performing marriage rituals. Beliefs and old traditions say that henna makings on a women’s body bestows love, happiness and protection.




Girls, children and women are very fond of henna tattoos. Now, tattoos are specially drawn for occasions and events  like weddings, parties etc. Therefore, every  design should be  carefully selected and drawn properly to avoid the hustle of typecasting.

From many years, women have  been applying  henna on  their hands. But, nowadays  henna is being applied to every part of  the body. Henna  tattoos are  not necessarily the  traditional art of floral and leaf  designs. People have  started to draw  different shapes  and symbols.  Some are applying names or phrases of different languages. The great thing about henna tattoos is that it is not only for girls or women; it is equally for men and the act of embodying henna art on their body is quite prevalent.

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