How to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Kuro Sumi Ink Online

Use these simple methods to know that you are getting the real deal when you buy Kuro Sumi Ink online.

One of the most popular ink brands in the world for tattoos happens to be Kuro Sumi Ink. This gorgeous ink is brilliantly rich, exceedingly vibrant, long lasting, sterile and of the highest quality. That aside, it also comes in more than forty different colors and is considered to be some of the most premium ink on the market. Sum these amenities all up, and you have a healthy occasion for counterfeiters to make a quick buck selling you bunk Kuro Sumi Ink. Avoid this mish-mash by following these three tips for buying Kuro Sumi Ink online.
Only Shop at Respected Online Stores
Here’s a quick clue: don’t shop at stores you don’t trust. Sometimes a big brand name for a store is a really good thing. Shop at respected and established stores, and you won’t have to worry about getting farce Kuro Sumi Ink. If you find an online deal on Kuro Sumi Ink that’s too good to be true, it generally is.

Don’t Buy From Auction Sites
Auction sites are notorious for selling counterfeit goods. Everything from belts and shoes to purses, and yes, Kuro Sumi Ink. A word to the wise: never buy tattoo anything from an auction website. Always buy from a respected and approved distributor.

Check Manufacturer for Approved Vendor List
The maker of Kuro Sumi Ink will generally feature a list on their website of authorized distributors. Now this list won’t contain them all, but it will contain plenty that you can reference. When in doubt, just go straight to the source and you can’t go wrong.


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