Tattoo Machine – Things to Remember

Tattoo, a form of body modification made to the dermis layer of the skin by inserting indelible ink, such that the color of the pigment is changed, are very much in trend these days. They have been a part of the human race since inception and have continued to be a fascination for many minds.  The modern younger  generation is  very much into the tattoo world.   Though tattoos have  a lot  of significance in many societies and culture, the think tank today gets them embedded just for some attitude statement. Hence, amidst such situations, choosing it as a profession may help you out. Though one must remember it is not a cake walk to start with the business. Tattoo making requires real skill and one has to be a good drawing artist.

Earlier tattoos used to be made using an electric pen. But with time it changed and today we have an entire tattoo machine kit. Modern day tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils which move the armature bar up and down. The armature bar is connected to group needles which push the ink into the skin. The machine is capable of controlling the needle depth, speed, and force of application hence increasing precision.

But one must not entirely depend on the machine and should follow precaution while drawing the tattoo. Remember, a small mistake can prove real bad for the one getting tattooed. Needles, as we all know, can be dangerous. Care must be taken that the machine is sterilized after every use. Before using any type of tattoo machines, the artist must necessarily put latex gloves on his hands. A test checking the pressure on some skins can be helpful in avoiding unnecessary pressure resulting in breaking of the skin barrier too harshly. Always hold the machine firmly such that the vibration of the machine, which indeed is very powerful, may not surprise a beginner resulting in an unavoidable injury.

The tattoo machine kits come with user manual and that should be carefully read before practicing. This user guide will help you get familiar with the machine and its operation.

There are many types of tattoo machine- Rotary tattoo machine, Coil tattoo machine, Liner tattoo machine, Shader tattoo machine, and Pneumatic tattoo machine.

Handle with care!


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