What is on my mind ? A Tattoo on Ankle :-)

I was talking to a pretty girl. When I looked down, I noticed ankle tattoo design which she got. Her tattoo was looking very sexy and I gave her a compliment on it. An ankle tattoo design can attract the attention of people, especially when they are colored. I noticed many celebrities with tattoos on their ankle and it looks really hot when so many colors are used in that tattoo. Young celebrities women get ankle tattoo of flowers. I’ve seen guys who put a tribal design around the ankle. The ankle tattoo design is not only for women with butterflies but also guys can have a tattoo design ankle packaging barbed wire around the ankle.



Ankle and foot are favorite spots for tattoos because they are two shapeliest body parts. Nothing can be appealing than a sexy tat coming out of its elegant sandals or high-heeled shoes. Even if these two body parts are painful to get tattooed on because of less tissues and flesh, this does not seem to prevent a women as their popularity are growing day by day. When time comes to choice tattoo designs, here are the top ten most popular tattoos for the foot and ankle.

* Flower means beauty and femininity.

* Butterflies are symbol of change and new beginning.

* Vines are commonly used to represent flowers.

* Dragonflies could be symbol of childhood carefree days.

* The bird symbolizes freedom.

* Stars can signify one’s purpose in life.

* Heart represents love.

* Zodiac Sign Glyph is a representation of the personality.

* Lettering can tell a favorite quote or feelings.

* Tribal Art honors the early tribes where tattooing started.

In terms of outstanding ideas for ankle tattoos if you are looking for something chic, you can choose lotus flower designs including roses and hibiscus. Each of these models may be accompanied by butterflies are bright and vivid colors, but also significant.

Choose something unique and meaningful, not only beautify your leg, but it will also help you feel beautiful.


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