Aztec Tattoos – from Tradition to Fashion

These are a few tattoos which are not funky, not related to your past memories, not even related to your loved ones. These kind of tattoo designs are Aztec tattoos. If there is a design which has only spiritual and religious meaning, that is Aztec tattoos. It has no other meaning. This kind of designs became really popular for its creative designs with a spiritual touch. In olden times, it was tradition but these days, it’s a fashion.

Aztec was actually a religion in Mexico,who used to believe in different Gods like Huitzilopochtli, Huehuecoyotl , Quetzalcoatl, Mayahuel etc. Aztec people, including children , would get tattoos for their favorite God in order to show their devotion and faith for the God. For each God, there is a different pattern of design. People would get these tattoos on their chest, wrist and stomach mainly. As the designs are really complex, every Aztec tattoo has a meaning behind it. Most of Aztec tattoo designs are based on Sun, as sun was believed to be sacred by Aztec people. Aztec tattoos were also used to show the rank of a warrior, his achievements and accomplishments. Getting an Aztec design was a ritual, so people would get these tattoos by priests. Priest would use a sharp and acute stone to formulate a design.

Bird Aztec Tattoo

Bird Aztec Tattoo

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I don’t think any naive artist can make a really good Aztec tattoo design. These designs have so much fine details and if an artist makes a wrong design, tattoo can lost its meaning. As the art got really popular, it still has effect today. But very few people get these tattoos because it has become difficult to find meanings of so many Aztec designs now. If you search, you will so many websites where they collection of Aztec designs like Aztec bird, butterfly, crocodile and different deities.
One of my favorite Aztec tattoo designs is eagle tattoo. If made a little colorful, it can give both modern and spiritual touch beautifully.
So, is your next going to be an Aztec tattoo?


2 thoughts on “Aztec Tattoos – from Tradition to Fashion

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  2. I minored in anthropology during college and always loved the tattoos many of these ancient cultured had. I see a lot of “Aztec” tattoos out there, and I’m glad you brought up how getting every detail is important. Great blog post!
    -April w/AMDS

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