Seann William Scott – Didn’t know he has a tattoo ..!!

Yesterday I was watching this wonderful movie Goon released in 2011. This movie is basically on ice hockey and on life of a player who plays an enforcer or goon in his team. Ice Hockey is a kind of game in which a player is given an unofficial role to respond to violent attacks of opponents. He fights with opponents. This player is called Goon.

This movie was wonderfully directed by Take Me Home Tonight director Michael Dowse. Life of the lead actor and goon of the team Doug Glatt(Seann William Scott) revolves around his family, his girl Eva and his game. The chemistry of Eva and Dough was really amazing. I loved watching them together. Even the songs used in the movie are really good. May be tomorrow and Work With What You Got, these two song have become my favorite and you are going to love the lyrics of Work With What You Got.

Tattoo of Seann WIlliam Scott and Alison Pill in Movie Goon

Tattoo of Seann WIlliam Scott and Alison Pill in Movie Goon

There is one scene in which Eva and Doug are sleeping together, holding each aether’s hand and with a soft background music. This moment is really beautiful. The frame becomes more beautiful when camera goes close to their hands where Dough has really beautiful tattoo. I really loved the design of the tattoo. I don’t know why but the tattoo, it’s design, their hands and music, everything was just perfect for that scene.

Doug’s aggressive side and his chemistry with Eva, both are worth watching.


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