Tattoo Shop Collecting Toys for Children, Indeed a Good Deed !!

So here is something good to know. Twizted Needle Tattoo, a local tattoo shop is all set to start collecting donations for a local charity. Twizted Needle Tattoo is one of the very good tattoo shop for your tattoos if you live in North Platte region. This year they have chosen “The Salvation Army“. The Salvation Army is well-known for it’s charity work and runs in 126 countries. They are going to collect toys for those kids who don’t get anything on Christmas. The tattoo shop got this wonderful suggestion on their facebook page. I think they have done pretty good job as they have collected more than 40 toys so far.

Twizted Needle Tattoo

Twizted Needle Tattoo

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People are happily donating toys to this shop as the store is motivating everyone through their facebook page. They are also offering an awesome deal to collect more and more toys for this organization. The shop has a new offer that a customer gets $30 off on any tattoo if they bring any toy worth $10 or more than that.
DeSantis(Twizted Needle Tattoo) revealed that people had donated cash also and they did shop for more items to donate. Twizted Needle Tattoo is so much into donation as they have donated more than $10,000 this year.
We are human beings. We are supposed to help each other. But I think there are only few people who remember this. Hats off to Twizted Needle Tattoo. Keep up the good work.


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