Tattoos, His Family and Football – Beckham Loves It All

I have written a lot about tattoos of singers. When I was reading about Colin Kaepernick tattoos, one sports person came in my mind who is among the most famous personalities of football. He has always been successful in grabbing media’s attention on and off the field and getting tattoos is among those things for which he grabs attention. He loves to get tattoos for different reasons and fans love him more with all those tattoos. He has expressed almost his whole life by his tattoos. He has in all 20 tattoos. Let’s talk about few of his very famous tattoos.
He got his first tattoo, name of his son Brooklyn, in 1999 on his back. After that, he got inked a really beautiful guard angel. He got his next tattoos of name his other two children, Romeo and Cruz, again on his back. His experiment with the choice of designs is a great contribution in the tattoo art and a motivation for those who want to get tattoos. He has even tried tattoos in different languages, like Chinese, Hindi and Latin. His Chinese tattoo on his rib cage says, “Death and life have determined appointments, riches and honour depend upon heaven. ” His Hindi tattoo is name of his wife Victoria. Just near his Hindi tattoo on his arm, there is a Latin expression, which says, “so that I Love and Cherish”. There are so many other tattoos which looks really cool like wings tattoo on back of his neck, “The Man of Sorrows” tattoo on his ribs and name of his first daughter Harper inked on his chest.

Beckham’s really cool images showing his tattoos from his facebook page :





This definitely shows that he loves his children a lot and he also loves tattoo as he finds it is the best expression to show his love.

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