One More Tattoo Ban !!

Earlier it was South Africa restricting police officers from getting tattoos, and now it’s Germany’s police administration. Germany has come up with a new rule that police officers can get tattoos but they have to keep it covered by wearing full sleeves even in summers. You can not deny this thing that it is done to discourage the motives of those who want to get tattoos and join police. These kind of laws have made every police officer aspirant to think twice before getting tattoos. Definitely a few will end up not getting any tattoos as they are going to prefer their career first. But if this is going to happen, it will surely make all the tattooed police officers feel discriminated.

Police Tattoos

Police Tattoos

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The way people love movies, music, painting, reading or any other thing; people love to get tattoos. What is the big deal? Getting a tattoo makes an individual happy and it does not harm anyone other. This is a violation of personal rights of an individual.
As expected, this has also affected the selection criteria for the new police officers. At this point also, all the tattooed aspirant are going to feel discriminated. According to the source, a police officer filed a case when he was rejected because of his large tattoos in his arms. The case was in his favor, giving the police officials reason that tattoo can not be the criteria for someone’s rejection. That shows that whatever is going on is wrong.

What is your take?


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