Bob Tyrrell : Man Behind Lively Portrait Tattoos and Scary Skull Tattoos

Kat Von D, Paul Booth and Bob Tyrrell are among the best tattoo artists of the world. Kat Von D is the youngest among these and started tattooing so early. Paul Both started his tattooing at the age of 23-24. But Bob Tyrell is the one who came into this tattoo game very late, in late 30s and he has achieved a position for which all the tattoo artists dream. He has created a different space for himself. His tattoo work is different from the other tattoo artists, which includes scary images, black and grey realistic designs, portrait tattoos, etc. His work is basically inspired by sci-fi artist Frank Franzetta. His tattoos have kind of 3-D effect. His portraits looks so real, feels like the face is going to say something or the eyes are moving. For the kind of tattoos he is famous for, he has made his own formula of tattoo ink. Bob tyrrell made this advanced black and grey tattoo ink with the help of Intenze ink.


He attends almost every tattoo convention and this year artists got a chance to see him at Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth. At this convention, he unfolded so many things about his life like how he became a tattoo artists and who are his favorite tattoos artist. Bob Tyrrell’s Interview at Convention
He already has an artist’s sense as his father is an amazing painter. Interesting thing is that he wanted to become a tattoo artist from the age of 18, but he is a die-hard music lover and he dropped the idea to become a tattoo artist to pursue his love for music. He played guitar for 15 years with lots of heavy metal bands before he learned tattooing.

No matter what, a man who deserves is bound to rock.


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