Tattoos and Demi Lovato : Synonymous

Demi Lovato has all the reasons to be called an inspiration for tattoo lovers. She has tattoos more than her age. She is just 20 and she has 24 tattoos. She got her first tattoo when she was 16 and when she was not allowed to get tattoos. She has been through lot of physical emotional problems and she got so many of tattoos to remind herself that she is a strong person who fought with all those problems courageously.

Demi Lovato New Bird Tattoo

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She got tattoos at every beautiful place she could get; like on her ribs, fingers, arms, feet and one behind her ear. Her ear tattoo is the most beautiful tattoo and actually my favorite. I still remember when once I became so obsessed by her tattoos that if any say tattoos, all I could think of was Demi Lovato’s tattoos. Here she is again with her new tattoos, twelve birds on her right arm. She already got a cross tattoo and a “faith” tattoo on this arm. This amazingly beautiful tattoo is done by none other than Kat Von D. She released a picture of her tattoo and also thanked Kat Von D on twitter. This is really cool that we can see all her arm tattoos as she holds mic with that hand. You can check out all her tattoos with meaning behind them here.

She has seen so much of life in this age. I don’t think she will get more tattoos in future or who knows if this only a trailer.


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