Tattoos – Always Something New in Old

I really love to know more and more about history of tattoos and tattooing. Rather say, I always look for something new in old. Not just tattoos, everything that has a long past is interesting and never-ending. If you keep digging the history, no matter how much you know about ancient tattooing, you will always end up with something new and amazing about the olden methods, images, rituals, or anything.

I was browsing and I came across a really wonderful blog about history of tattoo – Tattoo History Daily. It’s really good and I could resist myself to share this with everyone. The blogger says everything through some unbelievably old images that I have never ever seen before and I think you will not find these images and information anywhere else. This is going to be a rich source of tattoo history with an apt title as you are going to know something new everyday. If you start following this blog, you will surely going to wait for his next post.

One of the recent post I really loved is this.


Isn’t it so amazing that even in earlier days, how beautifully they used to tattoo their body. Look at the choice of design and the amount of skin covered by the tattoo. It seems passion was always the same, only the ways have changed and the popularity has increased. This is really amazing.

Let’s see, what is next in the store.


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