Lady Gaga: Example of Tattoo Love

The trend of acquiring many tats on their body is exponentially rising among many celebrities. And the love of Lady Gaga towards tattoos is well known to us. Following her anchor tattoo, which was the 11th piece of her, she recently acquired a RIO tattoo which is tattooed on her neck. She was in Brazil for a stadium show on 9th and on 10th she got the RIO tattoo.

She always said about her tattoo love that her each tattoo is very personal to her and means a lot to her. We hope that the case is same with this tat as well because after getting this piece on her neck, she posted a link to her photo which was uploaded on her and stated that th monsters are a great source of inspiration to her(I am quite skeptical about the fact whether she is talking about the people in the community or some other ones).

She also thrown a little light on the origin of this tattoo. According to her, this tattoo is the end product of the partial extraction from signatures of her fans which belong to different part of this world and she depicted that music is bridging the distances among them.

So here is the photo of her recent tat:

Image Source:

What is your opinion on this ?


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