Why Did You Get a Tattoo … That Matters

Tattoos are no longer a big turn off in the society. Now days it is okay to roam socially along with your tat without offending anybody. The thinking of people have changed a lot in the last decade regarding to tattoo, as along with time they came to know about the positive aspects of the tattooing art. However it is very necessary to evolve your own tattoo as a result of your prolong thinking about it to retain your love for it for the whole lifetime. As tattoo is not just a design or ink, however it is an art, an artistic impression on us which may relate to our passion, our dream, our memories or our spiritual beliefs.


                                                     Image Source: www.guardian.co.uk

So please don’t rush in a hurry to get a tattoo which is recently inked on your love, your famous star celeb or for a particular tat which is spreading as a viral. Because after a while it will only lead you to irritation and repentance regarding to your decision and it might be possible that your outlook towards tattoo will change completely because of your little hurry.

The significance of personal reason can be easily understand by the fact that great things come from inside, the fact is same in all cases. Is is perfectly okay to go with any design, any theme if it doesn’t offend anybody and you like it. Go for star, go for butterfly or go for a bird, i mean go for anything which reflects you and make you happy.


One thought on “Why Did You Get a Tattoo … That Matters

  1. I totally agree, too often i have seen friends and strangers alike showing off their new tattoos which seem to have no real meaning. The other day i saw a guy who got a cat tattood around a scar he has that looks like a cats bum hole. This tattoo covers his back and was done after a drunken friend suggested ‘it would be so funny if…”. I cant believe this is going to be a joke that would last a life time….

    Get tattoos for you – other peoples opinions should never bother you because each tattoo is close to you, well thought out and never done for anyone else. Thats my opinion anyway (tributes don’t count – that is still for you in memory of someone else…different)

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