Wanna get tattoos at Aston Merrygold’s new tattoo parlor ??

Just after a few days of releasing their fourth album “Evolution”, one of the member of the boy band JLS is again in news. Aston Merrygold, young British singer with boy band JLS, has attracted media and fans attention, this time not for his tattoos but because he is to open a new tattoo parlor.
The singer, who already knows a lot about this art, wants to make some money form this art and he has also been looking for some tattooing courses to learn more about this art. This decision means a lot to him because this time he has also managed to convince his mother for his new venture, who was always not in favor of his getting tattoos. She now feels that tattoos are really artistic. If you don’t know the fact, most of his tattoos are designed by the artist himself.
He has total six tattoos. His first tattoo was a Treble Clef tattoo which he revealed on his first concert. This tattoo is an expression for how much he loves music, but then he fell in love with his tattoos. To show his love for tattoo, he definitely had to get a few more and he did. After his Treble Clef tattoo, he got three stars behind his right ear, nine stars on his right arm, two stars on his pelvic bone and a Micahel Jackson tattoo on his right arm to celebrate the success of “Eyes Wide Open“.

Check Out All Aston Merrygold’s Tattoos
Lately, he got a tattoo on his left arm which reads “There is good and bad in all of us” If we talk about design, this tattoo is the most unusual tattoo among all his tattoos as he has used cassette tape and skulls with the quote. He got the this tattoo to celebrate the success of his album “Evolution”


Image Source – www.dailymail.co.uk
So, now he will have his own tattoo parlor, we can definitely hope for some more ink on him.


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