Got a New Tattoo !! Lucky you Scarlett !!

Scarlett Johansson, one of the most beautiful actresses of the film industry, after working so hard to shape her body for the movie Avengers to look slim and beautiful, is again in news for doing something for her body, or I would rather say, on her body. She got a new tattoo on her ribs which says “Lucky U”.


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This is not the first tattoo of this 27 years old actress. She got this two interlinked circles with letter A in it. This ankle tattoo is really adorable. She has one more really beautiful and very colorful sun over sea tattoo on her arms. When media asked about her sun tattoo, she only said that she got this for some reasons which she did not want to reveal and whenever she looks at that tattoo it makes her really happy.  This sun tattoo is the most popular tattoo of her. There is one more tattoo on her wrist which says “ I [heart] New York” became really popular but got mixed reviews. She said that she got this tattoo to show respect to her hometown New York City of New York.

Check out all tattoos of Scarlett Johansson.
Recently, she got a “Lucky U” tattoo in Paris. The actress was in Paris for the shooting of her upcoming movie “Hitchcock”, and then she came to know about a famous tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk who lives in that area and she decided to get inked.  In this tattoo, the letter “U” is in the shape of horse shoe. Tattoo looked really red and it seems like she got herself clicked just after getting that tattoo.
Let’s see, how much luck this “Lucky U” tattoo brings to her.


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