Hilary Duff – a Complete Tattoo Buff

“Stranger” fame Hilary Duff is an American actress, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, author, humanitarian, and definitely a hardcore tattoo lover. She has tattoos all over her body. Though all her tattoos are so beautiful and adorable, still you may miss her tattoos, because all her tattoos are of very small size and not so visible at all places. You would be surprised to know that she had so different thoughts about tattoos when she was teen. She thought she would get bored eventually by it. She was also not so sure about whether she would be able to bear that pain or not. But once she decided to get a tattoo, it has become really hard to stop her. She has total eight tattoos on her body and recently she was in news for getting her ninth tattoo. Just like her earlier tattoos, this tattoo is also really beautiful and a very unique design. She got a sparrow on her arm just near her “stand by me” tattoo. It definitely has a very special place for her.

If we talk about her other tattoos, she has tattoo on ankle of both legs. On her left ankle, she has a small anchor design and on her right ankle she has this “Let it be…” tattoo.
There is a tattoo on her finger that reads “Shine” which is very special to her. She says, “It’s just for me to look at and remember. I feel like it’s easy to lose your shine, to lose that special thing about yourself. When you get busy or you get tired and you feel like everything is fake or the world is against you, it’s important to keep your character and to let your light shine.
After these, she got a tattoo that reads “ma petite amie” that means “my girlfriend”. She got this tattoo for her close friend.
Her fifth tattoo was a star like structure on her neck and this tattoo was never defined by her. She got all her next tattoos on her arms, that includes “stand by me”, “thick as thieves” , a wishbone and her sparrow tattoo.

Click To See Hilary Duff Tattoos
Sometimes I think she already starts thinking about her next tattoo as soon as she gets done with a tattoo.
Let’s see, what design is in her mind for her next tattoo.


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