Memorable Movie Tattoos

    Celebrities and movies have always played an integral role in making the tattoos popular. Sometimes tattoos get recognition because of the movies and some movies get recognition because of any unusual tattoo in it. Fans get inspired by these tattoos. I would like to mention here a few famous tattoos from famous movies.

    XXX (2002)VIN Diesel got some awesome tattoos over his arm and also on his nipples. He got tribal designs over his arms and a sun like design on nipples. The sun design was really unusual. The placement was very unique.

    Prey for Rock & Roll (2003) – To give the feeling of a perfect rocker, Gina Gershon got her arm full of tattoo with really beautiful designs. This was not the first time she decorated her body for any movie. She got a few tattoos in her movie Bound (1996).

    The Salton Sea (2002) – This one is really awesome suspense movie, Val Kilmer got so many tattoos, which covered his arms and back part. He got these red flames with black outlining and his back tattoos shows stretched arms of a man, which was incredible.

    The Hangover (2009) and The Hangover Part II (2011) – Both the movies were a big hit and tattoos of these movies became really popular. The tattoo design of Mike Tyson in the first part and Ed Helms in the second part was really simple and cool. I think the reason both the tattoos became the most talked-about tattoos is, the movies were a big hit and tattoos were quite visible. It was not on their arms or chest. It was on their faces.

    There are so many other movies in which the characters have tattoos, but above are the few movies in which I really liked the tattoos. Still, there are two more movies in which I think the tattoos were the best. Both the tattoos not became very popular but I loved these tattoos.

    The Number 23(2007) – If we talk about this movie, I think it is among one of the best suspense thriller movies I have ever seen with an awesome plot. In this movie, Jim Carrey got this wonderful tribal style design and red color heart tattoo very beautifully.

    The Expendables (2010) – I think this one is an award winner tattoo which Sylvester Stallone got over his back. I don’t think anyone would have ever got any tattoo like this before this movie. A bird over a skull over the word “EXPENDABLE”, it was incredible.

    Waiting for the next movie with some more unique ideas of tattoo.


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