Show Your Love By Tattoo

Some tattoos are not related to your life or people of your life. But still they are very close to you, like tattoo of your favorite actor, singer or their lyrics, favorite cartoon, quotations or any design you really like. That actor or singer has no idea, how many fans have got them on their body. I wonder sometimes, why people get such tattoos and I got my answer in this awesome thought; heart wants what the heart wants, there is no logic behind that.

I came across one such tattoo, in which this girl has got tattoos of manga work done by artist Suehiro Maruo all over her arms. Her tattoo includes images from The Laughing Vampire and from his Maruograph Art Book. The compilation of all his work is really beautiful and appreciable. But a lot more appreciation to the tattoo artist. He has done a great job. The artist is Piotrek Taton from London.

Check her tattoos –


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