How much it hurts? How deep the needles go into skin? What is the most painful part to get a tattoo? What is the least painful part to get a tattoo? How to deal with this pain? Those who want to get tattoo, these are the few questions of which they look for answers, and of which they never get a satisfactory answer. I am sure there are so many people who want to get a tattoo but they have not got yet, just because they are scared of the pain they would get. So, I think I should start with amount of pain anyone can while getting a tattoo.

See, there is not a thing like amount of pain and we can not measure the pain one gets. Some people may say, the pain was unbearable while getting a tattoo on a particular body part, while others may say just opposite of that. It totally depends on how much an individual’s body can bear. It also depends on how much scared you are already. Remember, the more scared you are, the more it will hurt. I won’t say that it does not hurt, because if a tattoo needle punctures your skin, it will definitely going to hurt you. But don’t ask others too much about the pain. What if you are lucky and you feel very less pain than your friend felt. Instead go to the best tattoo artist of your town, he will definitely lessen your pain by encouraging you.

Definitely the pain is different for everybody, but we can categorize the body parts which are too much sensitive and the parts which are less sensitive. Getting a tattoo at areas where skin is very thin and areas where you can feel your bones can be very painful like your neck, wrist and ankle; in comparison to getting a tattoo at fleshy areas like you arms and shoulders. This is just a generalisation. No one can tell you how much pain you can bear, but you can decide where to get a tattoo with the help of this.

I would like to suggest a few ways which can lessen your pain.

1. First and a very important point, if you are hungover, enjoy the hangover. No need to get any tattoo at that time. It can cause you bleed more.

2. Only trust the already trusted artists, beacause a good tattoo artist will always use quality tattoo needles. And if you go to them, you have to show confidence to them. If you will become suspicious about their work, you will feel more pain.

3. If you need a quality tattoo, it takes both time and money. So, never make your artist work faster. It makes him uncomfortable.

4. If you are feeling too much pain, never hesitate to tell your artist. You can take a break. You can chat with artist or anyone else for a while. You can go home and get it done later.

5. You can listen to music while getting tattoo. It may help you to take your mind away from pain.

I hope you will have a very good tattoo experience. Thanks


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